NZ Rewinds Rewinds Ltd have 40 years experience in the Electric Motor industries, across two workshops and will guarantee you the best job at best price. If we can't fix it, I'm sure no one can!!!

NZ Rewinds are specialists in the electric motors and power tool industry. Our team of highly qualified servicemen work hard to get your motor up and running at the quickest time possible, because they know that down time means money and profit.

We have been servicing the Bay of Plenty since the early 1970's, in fact NZ Rewinds have satisfied clients New Zealand wide. We have one of the largest motor selections, so if you need a new motor or your old one needs an overhaul or service then we can help.

Our well equipped workshop and knowledgeable staff offer full motor, pump and power tool servicing including warranty work for most major brands. Our registered staff can also provide Test Tagging service for machinery, including three phase, and power tools either in house or on site.

If there is a problem and help is needed simply phone the experts at NZ Rewinds. We are more than happy to discuss your problems. 

Phone 07-5755213

We service and supply the following:

- Electric motors - Industrial and Domestic

- Water Pumps - Industrial, commercial, pools and spa pools.

- Submersible Pumps - Cess pits, Well Bore pumps, domestic and farm supply.

- Electronic Motor speed inverters - Transmission - All gearbox configurations and sizes, variable speed units.

- Ventilation and Industrial Fans - Cool stores, Cooling towers

- Power Tools all shapes and sizes.

- Generators - Sales and service

New Zealand Rewinds can provide a full workshop service for all makes and models of motors. Our workshop can provide service from minor repairs through to complete rewinds. Experienced tradesmen have the ability to assess and respond to urgent breakdowns promptly. At New Zealand Rewinds we are able to rewind or replace small household motors right through to large industrial installations.

 We have competitive pricing on all our items and have the ability to get the right tool for the job. 
How our rewinding facility saves you time and money.

  • We are able to start immediately into any urgent work
  • We have tradesmen who are prepared to work through the night or weekends when needed. Saving your production downtime.
  • We have the capacity to handle and test and guarantee your job today.

The Electrical Apparatus vice Association, Inc. (EASA) is an international trade organization of over 2,100 electromagnetical sales and service firms in 58 countries. Through its many engineering and educational programs, EASA provides members with a means of keeping up to date on materials, equipment, and state-of-the-art technology.

For sales, service and maintenance of motors, drives, controls and other microelectronic equipment, look no further - we can help being Easa members.

Motor and generator overhaul service. This provides a cost-effective alternative to replacing noisy or inefficient motors, and by doing so can add 10+ years to the life of a motor or generator. Call to discuss the best way to get your Motor or generator back up and running in less time possible.